Mother, Crone, Maiden by Cat Hellisen

Mother, Crone, Maiden - Cat Hellisen, Goni Montes

A marketing ploy, perhaps, but quite a nicely written one. It raises questions, you see, that I would like answers to, and for that I'll have to read When the Sea Is Rising Red

About Ilken: 

At 16, she is very young and not very wise - besotted and therefore delusional, lost in dreams of a boy who kissed her once, right before his (arranged) marriage to someone else. It is unknown if the boy reciprocates her feelings or if it was one-sided, but I'm voting for the latter, because I'm old (one week from now is my 24th birthday!) and sceptical. These people can see their futures (or possibilities, at least) and he's made his choice - he didn't choose her.

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Ilken has 3 choices - to be a mother, crone or maiden. In the first, she marries someone her father chose for her and then walked the well-trodden path; in the second, she runs away from marriage and became a spinster outcast; and in the third, she dies. Not very appealing choices, in my opinion, unless if she's the sort of character to choose the first option, and if she had been then we'd not have this story. It is, however, not death as final as most deaths are in our world, and Ilken returns - in a form of a "boggert" (the name of which reminds me strongly of boggarts from Harry Potter series, and that is not a good thing). A boggert seems to suck life forces out of people in order to survive, which sounds a bit like a combination of vampire and succubus, but without the blood and sex, which sounds boring, but to know more I'll have to read When the Sea Is Rising Red , which I've now shelved in my to-read list. Muahahahahaha.