The Insects of Love by Genevieve Valentine

The Insects of Love: A Original - Genevieve Valentine

I have read and loved stories that raises questions which are left unanswered. This is not one of them. Possibly because I wasn't expecting this kind of story, I think the premise would have been better utilised in the mystery/crime genre, with the tattoo and the letters written by the sister who disappeared really were clues for the other sister to find her. But perhaps Genevieve Valentine was not that kind of author.

And instead we get a sci-fi/fantasy novelette that tells of several possible realities, which explains the contradictory events described by possibly unreliable narattors. It gave me the impression that the author does not know exactly what story she wants to tell, and having several possible storylines, decided to use them all. There is no need to give a summary of The Insects of Love, because the entire tale is an elaboration of what is already given in the synopsis; one sister has a tattoo and disappears, the other is an insect expert and perhaps queer in the attic.

In conclusion, I do not think this story was surreal enough to pull off what I think the author was trying to do.