The Walking-Stick Forest by Anna Tambour

The Walking-Stick Forest - Anna Tambour

Oh, this is lovely, like its cover. Dark. Creepy. Intrinsically violent, but beautifully so.

Farquar is a complex character. He evidently lives in the centre of a world of his own making. At one point I thought he could be kind. The next I thought he was a black-hearted scoundrel, with a soul as dark as his precious walking-stick forest at night. It's a cycle repeated several times over.

About the girl, though :

What's with the insta-love???

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Her name is Rose. She has a history that is only implied at. It's one of the several scenes mentioned in Editor's Note for which a trigger warning is necessary. Speaking of which, people who are easily triggered by acts of violent and descriptions of assassinations, no matter how beautifully/artfully executed, should avoid this novelette, because Farquar and Hannibal Lecter could sit at a table in a room of sweet-smelling flowers and drink tea together.


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